What is Mindfulness?

This is what I call being "in the moment." My little boy is so enthralled in his game of peekaboo that he has forgotten everything and everyone around him. Children know how to do that very well. Is this the same thing as mindfulness? Not quite. Mindfulness is not forgetting everything around you, but rather being exceedingly aware of everything around you without letting it distract, distress, or detract from whatever it is you are doing. You are one with the universe. You merge with all of the thoughts, sounds, etc. In other words, when you let yourself become distracted by them, you are essentially separating yourself from the rest of the world, from all those sounds, thoughts, etc. When,

Be a Lighthouse

No Dharma, no karma. The time has come where people begin to realize that we are all connected. It started with the dawn of the information age. Information is now all over the place, free-flowing, abundant. The more we all inform ourselves, the more we will begin to realize that we are all connected, we are one. Political differences, wars, borders, racism, religious intolerance, have become irrelevant. It is our path in evolution to realize that we are all innately connected to the ultimate source: God, the universal energy, whatever you like to call it. We are one. Human beings, animals, plants, Earth: we are all connected. We share the same atoms, we breathe the same air. Everything is r

Cancer isn't Evil; Sugar is.

Did you know that most of the medical industry today continue to believe that cancer is a genetic disease? Did you also know that a Professor from Germany (who is a Nobel Prize Winner and multi-nominee) theorized that cancer is the result of a metabolic dysfunction in our bodies? He claimed that cancer cells proliferate on sugars, simply put. It's obviously much more complicated than that, and when you read the linked article, you'll find out just how complicated. What it, to me, boils down to is an over-sugared society. Funny how cancer rates have skyrocketed since the dawn of industrial food? Not so funny after all. Most of society consumes way more sugar than any body needs. The solutions

Lunch Deals: Selling Out Our Kids' Health for Money

Please don’t get me wrong: I love America. I’m aware I risk enraging half of the country by saying that, as an American living in Europe, I appreciate my country even more than the average “live-in” American. You know how the saying goes: You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I love the free spirit of America. I love the entrepreneurialism that pervades the core of the country. I love how Americans seem to jump at the chance to help others in need. I love American friendliness. So, please remember that, when you read the rest of this, ok? Now that we’ve got that settled, let me tell you something I’ve noticed since living abroad. I’ve noticed that the American people are willingly

Kundalini Yoga Isn’t (just) for Freaks

When I heard that Russell Brand was doing the same kind of yoga I do, I suddenly felt a little freaky. Do you know how it feels to be proud and ashamed simultaneously? I do. I saw pictures of Mr. Brand wearing a curious assortment of clothing, arms raised above his head, hands in gyan mudra, eyes closed, and wondered how this odd celebrity – and now apparently many other celebs – found my yoga? Kundalini yoga is not some fad that the stars try out. It’s my beloved Kundalini yoga. I found it before they did. It’s mine, damn it. On the other hand, I would be thrilled if others found this thrillingly effective yoga, even if it is popularized by trendy stars. Let me tell you what Kundalini Yoga,

5 Ways to Rev Up Your Meditation Practice (Or finally get one started)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve read all kinds of things about meditation, been inspired by groovy photos of people blissfully meditating, and even maybe done a few yoga classes or meditation workshops. If you’re really anything like me, you’ve blissfully floated home from that workshop, extolling all the wondrous virtues of meditation to your friends and family, and vowed to yourself to start meditating regularly. And then, something happens. Something that sucks you out of your bliss and leaves you feeling like a slight failure. You know what happens, right? Yes, life happens. Suddenly, later that evening, you’re sitting on the couch with a glass of wine feeling like the unenlightened h

Mindfulness isn't just sitting down to meditate. Mindfulness is a way of living, every single day. 

I'm Kerri Cummings, owner of the MINDBAR®, psychologist, mindfulness trainer, author, and motivational speaker.


I hope you'll find some useful information & inspiration here! 

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