May 1, 2015


While I rushed from work, dodging red lights and slow poke drivers in front of me, I frantically searched for a parking spot while texting my friend things like: “Sorry!” or “Almost there!” Last week I met with a dear friend of mine for coffee. I hadn’t seen her in ne...

January 19, 2015



I was watching a movie the other night where a father passed away, and the four children and their mom were left behind to mourn. They had lost contact with each other over the past few years, and were brought together by their father’s death. None of them really mis...

October 30, 2014




No Dharma, no karma. The time has come where people begin to realize that we are all connected. It started with the dawn of the information age. Information is now all over the place, free-flowing, abundant. The more we all inform ourselves, the more we will begin t...

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Mindfulness isn't just sitting down to meditate. Mindfulness is a way of living, every single day. 

I'm a psychologist, mindfulness teacher, author, and motivational speaker. I hope you'll find some inspiration here! 

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