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Try this EMDR Meditation! Pretty amazing.

December 17, 2015


Hey Mindfuls,


I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and tried it out. It is a 15-minute meditation that uses sound to influence the right and left hemisphere of our brains. Usually EMDR uses bilateral eye movement (hence the "E" and the "M") but you can also use sound moving from one ear to the other. EMDR is a known and widely used method for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.



I know this because I study PTSD and Psychology and worked in a Center for Psychotraumatology. I've seen this used. You don't have to have PTSD, however, to reap the benefits of it. This can alleviate anxiety, help with depression, and release past traumas. 


You need to have earphones or headphones to do this meditation. I hope you enjoy! 


And always consult with a heathcare specialist, if you have any medical or psychological conditions, before doing this. 


Have a mindful week! 


Sat nam.


The Modernday Mindful

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