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  • Kerri Cummings

Be a Lighthouse

No Dharma, no karma. The time has come where people begin to realize that we are all connected. It started with the dawn of the information age. Information is now all over the place, free-flowing, abundant. The more we all inform ourselves, the more we will begin to realize that we are all connected, we are one. Political differences, wars, borders, racism, religious intolerance, have become irrelevant. It is our path in evolution to realize that we are all innately connected to the ultimate source: God, the universal energy, whatever you like to call it. We are one. Human beings, animals, plants, Earth: we are all connected. We share the same atoms, we breathe the same air. Everything is recycled.

With this in mind, we will all begin to realize that it is our purpose to uplift others. For, when we uplift others, we uplift ourselves. Reach out to other people. Smile at strangers. Offer your help whenever you can. If someone calls on you, reach out. Listen without judging. Someone who has done something you disapprove of is you. Don't judge someone, for you might find yourself in the exact position as they are in someday. Be a lighthouse. Be a beacon. Spread your light around. It will come back threefold.

I recently became very frustrated with myself. I suddenly started thinking about how I always give to everyone else and I get nothing in return. I take care of my kids, my household, I have my husband's back so he can pursue his career, I am understanding when someone cancels on me for the third time in two weeks, I am understanding when my father apologizes for never ever calling me because he is too "busy" with his own life, and that of my sister's. I am understanding of my situation that I cannot pursue my own goals. All this thinking really got me down! I started feeling terrible! "All I do is give give give and get nothing at all!"... I started to become really depressed. Then I stumbled upon a video from Oprah's life class where a motivational speaker said, "you must let go of your past in order to let in your destiny". I realized something: all of my thinking about giving too much was my past. All of that giving is really past. The present is already gone. Each second.

It is my task to let go of my past, right up to this current second. And when I do this, I forget about all the giving. I stop worrying about when I am ever going to start getting back. I become more productive too. I stop complaining and worrying and start living. I start giving my light again. It has given me freedom. Focus on your present. Share your light with everyone. Give in abundance! I promise it will come back to you. Be a lighthouse. Watch Yogi Bhajan talk about the importance of spreading your light with others, in this video.


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