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Happy New Year! (really happy)

Today is the last day of the year. New Year’s Eve. Everyone is buying new outfits, grocery shopping, and some of us are writing New Year’s resolutions. And then, some of us are not. I was thinking about something that happened last New Year’s eve. We were celebrating with friends, had an entire feast on the table, fireworks, champagne, the works. Everyone was excited, happy, and simply thrilled to ring in the New Year together. And then, oops, we brought up New Year’s resolutions. I would have never mentioned the word resolution if I had imagined what was to come. These friends of ours suddenly became indignant, uptight, and downright angry people. I was flabbergasted. What happened to the party? Why did these people do a 180 at the mention of New Year’s resolutions? I’ve thought a lot about this since it happened. To me, ringing in the New Year provides us an opportunity to reflect on the past and reevaluate the future. When we are otherwise too busy with work, studying, preparing meals, taking care of our children and parents, and simply trying to get enough sleep, the New Year offers us a real opportunity to slow down for a second, and evaluate where we stand in our lives. What is the big deal?

I would like to propose a theory. I think our friends became so upset by the thought of reflecting on their lives and making plans to improve their own futures because they are happier living numbly, without reflection. If they did reflect, it might create some unpleasant surprises. For example, they might realize that they are living an unhealthy lifestyle, that they have let relationships slip, that they could be more positive, that they could eat better, you name it. And to make new plans for the future, you have to admit and accept that you aren’t doing it so well. I think that is extremely difficult to accept for many of us. It’s hard to admit to yourself that you might be flawed. It’s not easy to accept that you might still be in the middle of your development. But it’s true, my friends. We are all in the middle of life. We are learning. I, however, think this is a good thing! It’s so exciting to see potential in myself! It’s energizing to see points in myself that I could clearly improve upon. It doesn’t threaten me because I am continuously trying to improve myself. Why? I think that is our purpose on earth.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

This life is one big school. If you stop reflecting on your own behavior, stop introspecting, you stop learning. We need to constantly be open to change. That is not to say I think we should strive for change. We shouldn’t walk around criticizing ourselves for our flaws. We are human, after all. It’s ok that we aren’t perfect! But we need to be open to life, be open to all experiences that come our way. Say “yes” to whatever comes at you. See what happens. If you have an attitude of gratitude, a yearning for learning, you will benefit from WHATEVER comes your way. And I can promise that.

So today, this New Year’s Eve, say “yes” to whatever comes in 2015. Be resolute on learning about yourself this year! If you keep your heart and mind open, you will achieve your New Year’s resolution. I think many people are uptight about resolutions because of their attitude. They hear resolution and immediately think about what will happen if they don’t achieve it. What will people think? What will people say? I’ll just feel worse about myself. If they shift their attitude towards the positive, and instead see that the next year is full of opportunities to learn, they will open up themselves to the positive energy of the universe. When you celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight, think about the upcoming year. Think about all the possibilities! The whole year is a blank slate! YOU are free! How great is that?! So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

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