Will Mindfulness Bring About the Zombie Apocalypse?

Many people wonder if those who practice mindfulness are walking around so detached from the world around them that they seem more like extras on “The Walking Dead” than enlightened, aware human beings. Will you feel detached and numb if you practice mindfulness? In other words, if you become aware of your thoughts and feelings without actually judging them, will you feel less? Buddhism teaches us detachment from worldly things, detachment from our feelings, thoughts and those of others. Many critics of Buddhism wonder whether this kind of detachment with our inner and outer worlds is something desirable. Do you want to walk through life with no feelings? I think it would be pretty borin

Will You Be Alive at 50?

While I rushed from work, dodging red lights and slow poke drivers in front of me, I frantically searched for a parking spot while texting my friend things like: “Sorry!” or “Almost there!” Last week I met with a dear friend of mine for coffee. I hadn’t seen her in nearly two years. The worst thing is, we live in the same little town. The cool thing is, she understood completely. We both have three kids, a husband, jobs, and all the busy things that go with all of that. We both are energetic, lively souls who push ourselves and take care of everyone else. After I seized a parking spot, I ran down the street to find her sitting outside at the street café. She stood up, both of us gleaming as

Mindfulness isn't just sitting down to meditate. Mindfulness is a way of living, every single day. 

I'm Kerri Cummings, owner of the MINDBAR®, psychologist, mindfulness trainer, author, and motivational speaker.


I hope you'll find some useful information & inspiration here! 

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