How Hay Fever Taught Me to Love.

Hay fever. I hate hay fever. I hate hay fever so much that I want to take a torch to my nose. I am so sick and tired of having to just “deal” with it, and go to all these parties in outdoor places, full of pollen. While everyone else is relaxed and enjoying themselves and acting all “Hey look at me! It’s summertime and I’m so happy!”, I have to pretend to enjoy myself even though I feel like sitting on a wasp nest. I sometimes would rather die than have to deal any longer with the pains of hay fever. I am grateful that I “only” have three months of it. Sneezing is ok. In fact, it's kind of fun. But all the rest of hay fever sucks. I feel sorry for myself and everyone else with hay fever. In

How to Find Your Spark!

When I was 10 years old, I used to love it when the mail came. I’d run to the mailbox, hoping to find my magazines inside. If one came, I’d run to my room, sit down at my desk while listening to Whitney Houston’s new album on a cassette tape (yes, I’m old). I’d put my weekly allowance into the little white envelopes that were stapled in the back fold of the Amnesty International Magazine. Every time I asked my parents for a stamp they looked at me like I was from outer space. I once wrote a letter to Greenpeace. I wanted to work for them. It was all I wanted to do in life. I wrote quite a poignant argument stating why they should hire me, if not as a 10-year old, then prospectively as an adu

How Do You Do It All?

People ask me this question all the time: “How do you do it all?” I literally hear this at least once a day. It’s sometimes a little embarrassing to tell someone what all I do. To me, it’s normal to do all the things I do. And I do NOT mean that to brag at all. I assume everyone has their load to carry around just like me. But since people ask this a lot, I decided to write about it. I am a middle-aged mom of three children. I am an American who left for Germany over 20 years ago and learned a foreign language (and foreign culture) fluently. I have a Bachelor’s degree in German, a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and am currently working on a Mas

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