Why Love is Totally Overrated (sort of)

How many of you have pined for a soul mate? Someone who just meets all of your needs. Someone whom you love so deeply that you feel perpetually fulfilled? Most of us have at least once in our lives longed to find our one true love. I have too. I never really dreamed of getting married. I never thumbed through wedding magazines looking at bridal gowns--until I had to actually find one for my own wedding. It's not that I don't respect marriage or judge people who want the picket fence; it's just that I never made that my focal point. I really always just wanted to find the one person I can be myself with. After going through quite a lot in the recent past, I've come to the tentative conclusion

Coping with Loss and Experiencing Growth the Mindful Way

I’ve been through a lot of loss and heartache lately. I don’t like to share too much personal information on these posts but for the sake of clarity, I will dip my toe into the vulnerable space of exposure. I’ll start when I lost my mom nearly four years ago. I witnessed her take her last breath. I wasn’t able to ever say goodbye to her or even hello. She was in a coma before I made the long horrible plane ride from Germany. Having to convince her then-husband to turn off the machines because the doctors said she was never coming back—ever—was the hardest, wildest thing I think I’ve had to do (or my sister has had to do). Imagine trying to convince someone to do something that your entire so

Mind Your Mouth, Will You? (An introduction to mindful eating)

I watch my kids sometimes—while they’re eating. They zone out while stuffing bits of food in their precious mouths. They often talk while they’re putting food in their mouths. I say, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Of course, this is mainly because it is rude and I don’t particularly care for seeing chewy amalgamations swooshing around their open mouths. But I also just want them to do one. thing. at. a. time. I want my children to become mindful of what they are eating. Not only is it healthier, it is a prime opportunity for them to practice mindfulness! What exactly does it mean to eat mindfully? Mindful eating means concentrating on eating, rather than eating while concentrating on som

Mindfulness isn't just sitting down to meditate. Mindfulness is a way of living, every single day. 

I'm Kerri Cummings, owner of the MINDBAR®, psychologist, mindfulness trainer, author, and motivational speaker.


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