Try this EMDR Meditation! Pretty amazing.

Hey Mindfuls, I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and tried it out. It is a 15-minute meditation that uses sound to influence the right and left hemisphere of our brains. Usually EMDR uses bilateral eye movement (hence the "E" and the "M") but you can also use sound moving from one ear to the other. EMDR is a known and widely used method for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I know this because I study PTSD and Psychology and worked in a Center for Psychotraumatology. I've seen this used. You don't have to have PTSD, however, to reap the benefits of it. This can alleviate anxiety, help with depression, and release past traumas. You need to have earphones or headphones to do this med

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Dear Modernday Mindful subscribers, I promised to provide you with a place to post your comments from your "homework" in our 10-week Mindfulness Series. Here it is! I look forward to reading your posts and learning from each other! Have a MINDFUL week! Sat nam, Kerri The Modernday Mindful

Terror, Fear, Mindfulness, Love

Terror is mindless. It is literally mindless. These people have lost their minds. Many of those young adults and teenagers have simply given up their minds to the hands of mindless psychopaths. I often wonder – as we all do – how does this happen? How bad off do you have to be to think that joining a terrorist group that will most certainly leave you not only a murderer, but also dead, will be a good decision? Did these people have terrible parents? From the scarce interviews I’ve seen with the family members of these suicide bombers and other murderers, their parents were normal, loving parents just doing their best as all parents are. None of them were negligent, abusive or even living in

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