Happy New Year! (really happy)

Today is the last day of the year. New Year’s Eve. Everyone is buying new outfits, grocery shopping, and some of us are writing New Year’s resolutions. And then, some of us are not. I was thinking about something that happened last New Year’s eve. We were celebrating with friends, had an entire feast on the table, fireworks, champagne, the works. Everyone was excited, happy, and simply thrilled to ring in the New Year together. And then, oops, we brought up New Year’s resolutions. I would have never mentioned the word resolution if I had imagined what was to come. These friends of ours suddenly became indignant, uptight, and downright angry people. I was flabbergasted. What happened to the p

Putting a New Age Spin on the Bible

New Age: just hearing that term conjures visions of esoteric, crazed-eyed individuals playing with tarot cards and desperately reading truths into their daily horoscope. Do you think all that New Age stuff is crazy or even satanic? The term New Age embraces concepts such as universal consciousness, ego, all that “we-are-God” kind of stuff. As you read this, I invite you to consider that “New Age” is not as foreign to the Bible as you might think. In fact, I say the Bible has been holding New Age truths all along. Let’s look at three major themes of the Bible: 1. Adam and Eve: When Eve gave Adam the apple from the tree they became sinners. Adam and Eve were suddenly aware of their nakedness a

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