What do kitchen drawers and mindfulness have to do with each other? I'll tell you here.

I’ve been thinking about something today. Do kids care if your kitchen drawers are organized? What. That IS what I’ve been thinking about. Haven’t you ever wondered? Ok, maybe it’s just me. But seriously. Do they care at all if the drawers are perfectly neat? Do adults wind up in psychotherapy mentioning how they cannot form meaningful relationships because their mother didn't cook three warm meals a day when they were kids, or, say…scrub the bathtub with bleach and a toothbrush on her knees? Do they? Or, just maybe...do they care if their mom makes them feel warm and fuzzy? Or if their mom teaches them things like independence and responsibility? Or, might they care if their mom not only te

A Perfectionist's (Mindful) Exposure Therapy

Hi there. Oh, I'm sorry! You don't remember me? You know, that blogger? The one about Mindfulness in today's world. Still nothing? The one who stopped writing a year ago and left you hanging? Yes? Remember now? So, anyway, Hi there.. and, I'm so sorry. Seriously. I'm sorry for being such a slacker. And as it is, I will proceed to give you my excuses, uh, reasons, for not writing a single word to you for so long. First of all, I am working like a ... hm... I wanted to say like a banshee because that's what one says, but do banshees work hard? And what is a banshee anyway? I digress (but this is part of my new thing, so, read on...). I have been doing my masters in psychology and with t

Mindfulness isn't just sitting down to meditate. Mindfulness is a way of living, every single day. 

I'm Kerri Cummings, owner of the MINDBAR®, psychologist, mindfulness trainer, author, and motivational speaker.


I hope you'll find some useful information & inspiration here! 

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